Where to buy

We were born in December 2016 and so are still establishing our network of fabulous stockists.

If you think there's a local shop/deli/cafe who should stock our pasties let us know and we'll get in touch with them...or feel free to sing our praises to them! 

If you'd like to stock our pasties (and let's face it, why wouldn't you) contact us at pastypixies@thecornishveganpastycompany.com

Don't forget that you can order pasties by post!


[powr-map id=b9bdcaeb_1479684166]


Archie Browns | Truro and Penzance | Selling frozen pasties |  http://www.archiebrowns.co.uk/


Good2Go | Perranporth | Selling hot pasties | www.good2gocornwall.co.uk


Sprout Newquay

Sprout Health Foods | Newquay | Selling hot & frozen pasties | www.sprouthealth.co.uk



Purely Vegan Store | Kings Heath | Selling frozen pasties |  http://www.karmacollectivepurelyveganstore.co.uk/



Sound Bites Derby

Sound Bites Derby | Derby | Selling frozen pasties | https://soundbitesderby.org.uk/wp/ 



Ethica | Plymouth | Selling frozen pasties | https://www.facebook.com/EthicaVeganStore/

Rabbit Vegan Cafe | Exeter | Selling hot pasties | https://www.facebook.com/rabbitvegancafe/ 


Seasons Vegan Shop | Exeter | Selling frozen pasties | http://www.seasonsexeter.co.uk/ 



Cariad Wholefoods | Blandford Forum | Selling frozen pasties | http://www.cariadwholefoods.com/

Sunrise organics

Sunrise Organics | Bournemouth | Selling frozen pasties |  http://www.sunrise-organics.co.uk/



Holbeach Wholefoods | Holbeach | Selling frozen pasties | https://www.facebook.com/holbeachwholefoods/ 



Sheaf Street Health Store

Sheaf Street Health Store | Daventry | Selling frozen pasties | http://www.sheafstreethealthstore.com/



Brontosaurus Swansea

Brontosaurus Vegan Lifestyle Store | Swansea | Selling frozen pasties | https://www.facebook.com/brontosaurusvegan/


Simply V

Simply V | Cardiff | Selling frozen pasties | http://www.simply-v.co.uk/