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Why Cornish?

The earliest known reference to a pasty was in 1393 but it was the rise of mining in 18-19th Century Cornwall that also saw the rise of the humble pasty. In the days before Tupperware, these all-in-one meals, helped to fuel the miners during their exhausting days in the mines. It is thought that the crust was used as a handle - discarded after eating to prevent ingestion of arsenic from the miners hands. 

Thanks in part to the spread of Cornish tin miners, the Cornish pasty is now famous across the globe - with Cornish Pasty Festivals taking place from Mexico to Australia!

The Cornish pasty name is protected by PGI status (like champagne), and whilst PGI rules stipulate the use of beef in a traditional Cornish pasty we think our mining ancestors would have been very happy to devour our vegan version!

The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company is based in Cornwall and your pasties are made here by hand.

Why Vegan?

Why not?

The number of vegans in Britain has almost quadrupled in the last decade – increasing from 150,000 to almost 550,000, additionally nearly half of vegetarians who are not vegan said that they would like to reduce their consumption of dietary animal products.

The top reasons people cite for going vegan are animal welfare, environmental sustainability and health. The likelihood is that if you're visiting our site you are already veggie or vegan, or have a close friend/relative who is. So we could tell you that >56 billion farmed animals are killed every year for meat, eggs and dairy; or that animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transport combined; or that vegans tend to live longer and have a lower risk of suffering some diseases. But you probably know all of that, and much more.

In line with the growing number of vegans, is the growth of vegan food products; and it is true that there are now a handful of vegan pasty options available. However, at worst they are a bland trio of unseasoned vegetables; at best an interesting vegetable filling - bearing no resemblance to a Cornish pasty. Hence, The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company was born!





Chief Pasty Pixie: Sam




Cornish lass Sam grew up making traditional Cornish pasties; and although her Dad maintains that her grandma’s are unbeatable, he concedes that hers are pretty darn close. Having worked in senior positions within corporate, SME & public sector organisations she has gone back to her roots to develop the recipes we present to you now.

Loves: Animals, family, running/walking/yoga, being busy

Not so keen on: Rudenes


SarahPasty Pixie: Sarah

Sarah grew up in pubs around Cornwall, including the Halfway House in Rame and the Bolingey Inn…in Bolingey. To be clear – her parents were publicans! You may notice a resemblance to Sam, indeed she is her proud mother, but nepotism this is not, Sarah is a first class pasty pixie!

Loves: Being a mother and grandmother, her dogs, cooking, keeping busy

Not so keen on: Spiders











Did you know?

If someone shouts 'Oggie, Oggie, Oggie'...You shout 'Oi, Oi, Oi'
But why?
The famous chant is said to have originated from pasty sellers or miners' wives announcing the arrival of their freshly baked goods...and the miners replying!